What is "Agenda Density" Anyway? BTL Rush - Startup

jaj_danbury 3

Borrowed the deck list initially from "Startup BTL Rush - 1st at Bern CO (3/0)". After playing a few games on Jinteki to get the feel for it, I agreed that Regoliths were a little unnecessary and the deck didn't need the extra money. One thing I found to be an issue was runner oppression based on successful accesses, so I opted for the following tweaks:

-3 Regolith Mining License

+2 Malapert Data Vault

+1 Crisium Grid

Taking the deck back through the Jinteki gauntlet, I found it ran quite smoothly and Malapert was usually too expensive a trash to be considered too often, so I opted to take this minor revision to my second Startup tournament in Osaka. On the day the deck went 1-0-1 with both of my games going to time; the draw coming to an Archer being targeted with a Window of Opportunity that I chose to rez. Opponent had just enough money to breach the server scoring the 1-pointer I had there, taking us level on points as time was called. Without a Slash and Burn or Hostile available, I had no fast advance option, so it ended in a draw.

I really need to get better at playing games at tournament pace!