Tasty Cornish Hasty - 1st Place Bournemouth - Undefeated

knails 488

A fairly standard Hasty CI packing some good tech cards to deal either deal with hate (CyberDex & Lockdown) or to give more flexibility to your combos (Subliminal)

this list is heavily based on McBeast's Purple Drank list seen here

They cover all the basic combos so If you want to play hasty CI go give their write up a read.

Swiss: Round 1 - Silhouette Silhouette's ID is pretty much blank in this match up. 40 card deck means they will find all their siphons.

Round 2 - Noise Noise doesn't offer as many problems for Hasty as it does to CI7, so long as you pay attention to the order of the cards you stack onto your deck he shouldn't be able to cause you too many problems. Worst case scenario you lose Rec Order from your combo and have to use archived memories to get it back

Round 3 - LPoulter's Strike Andy This is the match up with the most hate for CI, Employee strikes and Siphons everywhere, If you know you're opponent is on strikes it's often worth holding your first combo if you can and looking for the pieces you need for the second.

If you throw the combo out as soon as you see all the pieces you can find yourself without a way to clear strike and your entire game plan can go right out the window. Don't shuffle reuse back in with Preemptive so you can get it back with archived memories.

Round 4 - Shmeguy's DLR Sunny Similar to playing vs Andy, try to keep re-use in places you can get to it. Getting Vamped to 0 in CI is no fun at all.

Cut: Whizz vs NEH

CI vs Shmeguy's Sunny I had worse draw in my second game against this Sunny list which gave them more time to set up and get their economy moving, Killing Sherman with a Roto didn't by me much time before the Vamp to 0 came out while I was holding half my deck in HQ. I "skilfully" top decked the reuse and scored out a few turns later

CI vs Johno's Strike Andy After the convention center closed we moved to a more seedy location to play the final.

I saw all my BLCs & VLCs very early on but I kept drawing into more draw, more non eff com agendas and none of my shipments forcing me to use product line to find them.

Out of desperation I opted to score a Vitruvius with a counter, and almost immediately was re payed with siphon's same old siphon's and strikes.

Soon after combo-ing out an Eff Com I made the mistake of shuffling in reuse with Preemptive while I had an archived memories in hand which almost cost me the game when another siphon came out.

With only 5 cards in R&D and after some really scary HQ accesses I scored another pair of 2 pointers for the win.

20 Feb 2017 AdamFitzgerald

That skillful use of reuse after the Vamp was magic. Your face was quite the picture when it appeared off the top of your deck.