Surfing Hayley (15th German Nats)

ayyyliens 562

Surfing Tithoniums to the innermost position vs Aghsinfusion is cool

13 Jan 2020 Slowriffs


14 Jan 2020 mrteatime66

It was a pleasure to lose to this deck twice. Thanks for the games Tim, well played :)

14 Jan 2020 vesper

That deck description is soooooo Kabonesa (or Chaos Theory) (or maybe Smoke).

See you at B-Com, good sir! :-)

14 Jan 2020 ayyyliens

@mrteatime66Oberth Hunter was also a viable name :p GG I hope you will get your revenge one day!

16 Jan 2020 koga

Love this so much

Long live Hernando Cortez