30th Place European Championship - Exchange Sol

JackMade 2647

Almost Undefeated by non-World-Champions. 7-1-2 in the European Championship. The deck's good. Scarcity of Resources is crazy right now.

My runner deck.

6 Jun 2017 dawspawn

Interesting ice suite. Would you have changed anything afterwards?

6 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

I love how different the ICE suite is in an ID that people expected very specific things. Nicely made dude!

6 Jun 2017 JackMade

The ICE-Suite was fine but there is still room for change. I'd say the 3x IP Block, 3x News Hound, 3x Pop-up Window, 1 Archangel, 1 Tollbooth is the core and the rest is up for debate.

In retrospect, I would have loved to have a Macrophage in there but Cobra for example was sweet. Destroyed a 4 counter Parasite at one point in the tournament, because it is just not expected.