NEXT Oversight Efficiency

JWHamner 345

An amalgam of PhaseStar's NEXT Design deck on BGG and db0's Bioroid Efficiency deck here. The general premise is to run 25 pieces of ice to get a good shot at 3 in your opening hand and using Bioroid Efficiency or Oversight AI to rez your big pieces. You can really win the game early if you score a great Accelerated Beta Test off of your opening hand, but I like having Bioroid Efficiency Research and Oversight AI to rez that big ice in case you don't.

See PhaseStar's NEXT primer here:

2 Jan 2014 db0

Problem is that you may run into issues if your econ is delayed or trashed by the runner. One of the big issues with my Bioroid Efficiency is almost always not having enough money to rez ICE in centrals AND score agendas at the same time, before the runner gets rich enough to simply break and derez/trash them

2 Jan 2014 JWHamner

Yes, this is a really low money deck and this iteration probably has too much big ice for NEXT. I've also found the Oversight AI to pretty redundant though... I like BER at a backup plan if my ABT's don't fire right, but there is no need for more than 2. The current version I'm playing is so different as to not really be worth noting the changes... I'll just publish it when it's a little more play tested.