Bioroid Efficiency v2.0

db0 2888

A deck based on rezzing in very expensive ICE very cheap and quickly and daring the runner to either bankrupt themselves breaking it once, or let you melange or score agendas behind it.

Almost all cards in the deck are designed to work around this concept. First turn try to Oversight a Janus or Archer and place an Agenda or Melange behind it. If you have an ABT and use it at this point, it can easily net you a Janus or Heimdall v2 by turn 2.

1x Tyr's Hand is for those extra surprises, especially nasty when behind Heimdall 2 after the runner decided to take 1 brain to get in.

v2. of this deck has replaced asset economy with operation economy, in an attempt to play faster, before the runner has a chance to build up.
23 Oct 2013 Alsciende

Love the addition of PGO and the drop of Precog.

23 Oct 2013 db0

Yeah, I've been really unlucky with Precog and ABTs in general. Doing ABT + Precog and only seeing 1x Eli and 1xVictor 1.0 in 5 cards. Or just one Eli. Ugh...

24 Oct 2013 ttsgosadow

Nice deck! Going to test this one out again.

You're not making Weyland decks and/or runner decks, db0? Would love to see your take on those.

24 Oct 2013 db0

I have a few I'm currently playtesting. I plan to publish a Whizzard soon if it performs

24 Oct 2013 fieryseraph

Do you have trouble keeping cards in your hand with this deck? Using 2 cards for some Ice sounds like it would leave you with a small hand sometimes.

25 Oct 2013 db0

Not so much, because I ususally go. Ice > Efficiency > Play agenda or something to that extent, effectively clearing the important cards from my hand in the same turn.

28 Oct 2013 ttsgosadow

Played a couple of games, and the deck performed very well. I love the playstyle. Had an ABT with three ice, and Awakening Center to boot. I ended up dead broke every time, though. I think using the standard HB identity would work better for this deck then the +1 bioroid str, even though I really want it to be the other way around.

28 Oct 2013 db0

Yeah, those extra credits sure help