CD Batty And Friends

Siegl 667

Went 1-2 in a small SC. Won vs Leela, lost to another Leela and Eater/Keyhole MaxX.

Do everything you can to reduce the runners hand size:

FC3/Fenris + Batty

FC3 + Ryon Knight

Rush out Self-Destruct Chips

Keep an Enforced Curfew in play.

The damage and small hand size slows the runner down quite a bit, while you keep recurring Battys to the scoring remote.

It didn't work great, but I got a flatline win at least, so I'm happy :D

16 Mar 2017 thunderfist

What problems did you experience?

17 Mar 2017 Siegl

Getting you Self-Destruct Chips stolen is a problem since they are your most reliable way of reducing hand size permanently. Which goes hand in hand with another problem; defending centrals while building a scoring remote. Economy is kind of tight so rezzing beefy ice on both hq and r&d can get problematic, especially since you really want an early Fairchild 3.0 in your remote.

And even if you manage to get runner hand size down to like 1-0 they can still win on central accesses as long as they've been getting their rig online.