MaxTax Gletscher (1st Cologne SC undefeated)

PeterPan 276

The plan of this deck is simple:
Play OldSchool Netrunner!
Get money (Hedge, IPO, NGO, Rashida, SSL), ICE (only 22 of them) and some spicy taxing additionals (Ash,Jinja, MCA, Ikawah) and just score out while the runner is looking for his eco (Greetings Crowdfunding).

Mulled into 1 Piece of ICE from 2 pieces of ICE two times today....
Got apoc-ed...

Yeah, had a good day :)

Jinja works so good with Rashida, and Surveyor, Seidr works so well with Jinja! - But you know that...

P.S.: E-Strike sucks, its a bad card, dont play it (like Scarcity)
P.P.S.: Isch han se alle weggegletschat!

30 Mar 2019 Porkobolo

Seems solid!

30 Mar 2019 dome_

weggegletschert 5/7 would do again

1 Apr 2019 lostgeek

Wurde weggegletschert. 0/10

1 Apr 2019 5N00P1