Vladisibirsk CtM

ClosDeLaRoche 717

Tempo CtM with the main tag punishment card being the new Shipment from Vladisibirsk.

This is an old archetype, but if you have not encountered it before it plays like this:

Your best opening hand is a DBS, a bunch of econ assets and an ARES. Sneak the ARES on the board with your econ assets and score it next turn. In the early game focus on your economy, finding HHN and Econ Warfare and protecting centrals.

Turnpike is your worst ice and you should never put it on R&D. I can't tell you how many times this deck lost because the runner went tag-me and blows through an R&D Turnpike for the win. HQ or Archives is best, preferably with an IP Block under it.

Now, begin to build a scoring remote and get a SanSan in it. Hopefully you can bait a run and running through ice plus trashing SanSan gets the runner in 2x Econ Warfare into HHN range. If they don't run the SanSan then rez it and start fast-advancing your ARES, Beales and Headline. Ideally you have Amani rezzed.

If the runner gets put into tag-hell then Vlad score your Bellonas. Don't forget you can also install Beale, advance, Vlad it for three points.

The Self-Growth Program has good synergy well with Amani, but this could be something else. Try Market Forces if you see a lot of Tag-me Zahya. It could also be a third Amani, a second Gaslight or a third Vladisibirsk. This slot is flexible.

Enjoy the deck, Cheers -Clos

30 Dec 2022 Diogene

Classic CtM deck, I like it.

Have you tried Jua instead of Turnpike? While the latter contribute a bit more to your game plan, the former will possibly help against Time Bomb and World Tree. It also encourage the runner to run on a second or third click, instead of first click.

Thanks for sharing!

31 Dec 2022 ClosDeLaRoche

Good call on Jua. Market Forces over Self-Growth may be the right call as well.

4 Jan 2023 ClosDeLaRoche

I've found that Malia Zokolov is very good tech in this list against Citadel and Bones. -1 Econ Warfare, -1 PAD Campaign for +1 Marilyn, +1 Malia is working out well.