One Bad Card Palana (1st place, Cloud Cap SC, 5-1)

grogboxer 428

This is essentially just a good stuff Palana like thebigboy's except I tweaked a few things. I beat Pitchfork Hayley, Regular Gabe, Keyhole Gabe, Kit Vamp, and Proco Kate. Surprising no one more than myself, 4 of the wins were flatlines (3 Snare, 1 Assassin).

I lost to Kit Vamp in Swiss but beat it in the Top-4 cut.

Agroplex is crummy in the RP Palana shell. I usually would install it in the scoring remote, wait to dig into agendas or scoring upgrades, then install over it. I never just had it tick all game. I will almost certainly not play it again in a glacier Jinteki deck, the drip isn't worth it.

2 Snares were awesome, I think 1 is too little to be useful but 2 felt nice as decent R&D deterrent. I'll probably keep them, the good stuff shell forces desperation runs. I never did stupid crap like bluff it in the remote.

Batty is clutch. Against Kit vamp I managed to destroy their entire rig. Also Batty gets you around PolOp and it's easy to preemptively beat Councilman, so I think going forward you'll need 3 Batty anyway.

Komainu is meta-dependent.

Going forward, I'd probably replace the Agroplex with Fast Track or another econ card of some sort.

I guess I should talk about this deck being broken as hell and then say it's difficult to pilot to get more likes, shouldn't I? :P

edit: I' say here's the runner deck, but it's no surprises Whizzard so whatever

28 Mar 2016 Sotomatic

Deck title doesn't have 'Food' in it. No likes from me...

28 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

Lol cut dat agroplex :)


31 Mar 2016 Lupus Yonderboi

No funny picture. No likes from me.