Crazy Rich Corpor-Asian (1st in Malaysian Regionals 2018)

str4atman 153

aka KL Loutfit. Based off Cambridge Loutfit, with -3 GFI -3 Vanilla, +3 SSL Endorsement +3 IP Block to suit MLW2.2.

This deck helped me to get just within the Top 4 cut for Malaysian Regionals (11 players), so it didn't have a particularly impressive win-loss ratio, and I'm still wondering if taking Surveyor over GFI as the restricted card was the right call. There was definitely at least one game where I would have won if the Runner was at 6 instead of 7 agenda points, and Surveyors aren't that great now that Clone Chip and D4s are back in the meta (although they are still good). I'm also considering -1 Preemptive Action +1 Best Defense, so I can blow up Misdirection.