2013 Leela - 2nd place NISEI Core experience 2019

CaptainMark 181

Why 2013? Leela wasn't released at that time, but the way you play this deck REALLY feels as if you're 2013 again.

Back then, Criminal had the best cards, punishing corp econ a lot with Account Siphon followed by Emergency Shutdown to camp freely trough the remote and score agendas. Even without Siphon, this format feels that the blue guys are as powerful as they were before.

I really think all the Leela's (which were a lot) have more or less the same composition, so maybe my personal choice here was to play burst multiaccess instad of any interface, which combined with Leela's own ability can punish very hard any rushy corp. Then I focused on maximizing criminal's tricks and Femme Fatale. Demara is there because you need more than one copy of each breaker, and for the bypass ability, wich was useful once. Test run to fetch femme, wich then you draw and discard to retrieval run it and put on another place, usually more useful than the first one, and everything else is pretty standard.

Very fun deck to play, if you haven't tried the format, you should!