Advance all Twice (SC Kassel)

D4KEN 136

This deck was undefeated in Swiss but lost in the Top Cut against my "nightmare" - Maxx. Lost my only Corp game one week ago in another SC against a Maxx too.

I decided to make some significant changes to my previous Palana Build which went well in the SC in Bielefeld (post this here too). The change was necessary because i expected a lot of MAWs - Anarchs are very popular these days. So the Grail Suite is not that best. Colossus was intended as Tax for MKUltra and as anti Shaper tool - snipping a Ressource with an Triple Advanced Colossus and Batty is nice. The Wake Up Call as solution against FC, Maw, Feedback Filter etc. was a good include especially with that many Cards that can be trashed.

Round 1 vs Hayley
Remote with Crick,DataLoop, Batty and Prisec secured the Flatline. I used my Batty to fire the Crick subroutine to Install a 2nd Prisec.

Round 2 vs Val
Played against JoJo from the Berlin Meta - a supprised Cerebral brought him to a Handsize of 3. Then i decided to IAA a Ronin in the DataLoop Remote with an Prisec. He run and bounced the remote because he expected an Obokata. Because he was down to 1 card he drew 1 with the remaining click. I finished with AA - Rez and fire Ronin.

Round 3 vs Smoke
Played against Christian from Göttingen. Nearly same szenario as in Game 1 - 2 Prisec - Flatline

Round 4 - ID

TopCut Game 1 as mentioned above i had to play against my "nightmare" Maxx. Didn't found the ice for all the Centrals. So a Rebirth into Omar brought the first points for Alex (Göttingen). Then i found a Kagugo and a Crick which went to Archives. But with Maw and Bhagat he Spooned my DNA Tracker in front of HQ finding a Nisei. Latter on a 2nd Obokata secured his win.

With Down the Nil - NGO is a nice variant to force a run. I would cut Colossus for a 2nd Copy of Wake Up Call because i never used the Combo.

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