False Val (1st Place, Newcastle SC, 9/3/2019)

RJorb 194

Went undefeated in a 7-person Store Champ (four rounds, no cut). Over the day, it beat two Outfits, one CtM and one Azmari.

Strike continues to be amazing in a variety of matchups, and was worth dropping Paperclip. The deck has no way to recur Corroder, so there's a very tiny chance that your first Inject will just hit all three and ruin you. My advice? Don't worry about it.

Falsified Credentials and Special Order were great includes which I stole from @ryanbantwins. Special Order helps you find Corroder (since Inject can't), or any of the other two breakers in a pinch if the Corp is rushing hard. Falsified Credentials is particularly good, letting you avoid baits in deep servers, dodge Mumbad Virtual Tours and other painful nonsense, and otherwise just give you even more money.