[Startup] Ken "Almost Anarch" Tenma

PowerlessCube 173

I like Ken, I've always liked Ken.

I like him even more with prepaid voice pads and Twinning.

Good set of Cybernetics that compliment the breaker choice and dirth of run events to keep Ken doing what he does best - Smashing centrals like a piniatta until the agendas fall out.

The Main aim of the deck:

  • keep the pressure on the centrals with a solid set of breakers
  • Good card draw with WAKE Implants and sec testing doing the work.
  • Classic Criminal run events for sniping those remotes with Inside Job and more expensive rezs with Tread Lightly on those stacked remotes.

MVP of the deck:

  • Twinning building counters off of Prepaid Voice Pad and Cezve
  • Combine that with counters off Zenit Chip = some pretty deep dives on R&D and flexibility to access a full HQ (if you dare with Leg work and Twinning counters).