Do decommissioned bioroids go to electric Valhalla?

Terje 536

Let me preface this write up with this: This is not a good deck. My Corp deck carried me to placing 4th at the CO.

The end of the world as we Adam players know it is fast coming to an end, and realising this might be the last tournament I play where the Best Bioroid Boi™ was legal, I decided to throw together this deck to play him one last time.

Adam was my first love in Netrunner and has given me some ups and downs, but lets be honest, it's been mostly downs on the competitive side of things. I started playing in 2016 and my first tournament ever I played Always be Running Adam into a field of this NBN ID I’d never seen before called CtM. It went as badly as you’d expect with hindsight and I ended up dead last. Since then I’ve had mostly middling results with Adam and as someone who tries to avoid being in the cut, this has suited me fine. But it seems almost fitting to go full circle and have Adam only win one game (and that one against Ampere of all things) at the last tournament I’ll play him.

On the day I had a rough matchup against NEH round 1 where Alice scored two AR-Enhanced early and I was forced to go tagme after trashing a Boom and ending up on 3 tags with one click left.

I then played against Mikes Ob deck where I had a decent RND lock with Twinning but just couldn’t find the winning agenda.

Round 3 was against the BtL deck that came second and Paul the madlad sacrificed a 5/3 to rez an Archer that absolutely rinsed me and trashed my Engolo, locking me out of most of the servers. So I conceded once my Logic Bombs were all gone.

Last round was against Stephens Ampere and to be honest I’m still not sure what happened in that game as it was a wild ride of random cards, but I won in the end.

In the cut, Iain chose to play against my Adam and then just rushed the hell out of me before I could mount a challenge.

As for the deck choices this was an attempt to make a version of the Engolo Adam deck in a post Rezeki/PAD Tap world, but this is not the one.

The Twinning is definitely great when you see it and a Multithreader, but I think having another card to fuel it might be good. Oh and the reason for 2 x Career Fair is that I couldn’t find my third one, and thus put in a Hunting Ground that did pretty much nothing the whole day.

In conclusion: Don’t play this deck, or at least make some changes first. And fare thee well Adam, its been a blast.

25 Apr 2023 RoRo


25 Apr 2023 just_rob

Deck name is great

26 Apr 2023 Havvy

Beautifully put mate - it's been a hell of a journey with Adam :)

26 Apr 2023 Sauc3

A fitting tribute! (I've been enjoying a build around Bankhar though, such a good Adam card, with too little time left to shine..)

1 May 2023 Agasha

Standard without Adam? :/ Thanks for the write-up.