I did the math (4th place Arizona Regionals)

BraveReality 359

Sick of seeing the same "Install, gain 2" play from ETF? But gaining 3 and an install is so good, why do anything else?!?

Time to admit it, we have reached the pinnacle of HB ETF, so it's time to move on and find something different do to with purple cards.

Enter Jeeves, glorified PAD campaign and occasional butler and do-er of cool stuff.

This deck is built around having a higher click efficiency/turn than ETF. The doubles fuel Jeeves' thirst for operations while keeping your hand full of other operations that even the great Whizz can't trash. Bioroids are already good against Faust and Stronger Together messes with the math of all of the other breakers. Yes, the ID wins games. Yes, Jeeves wins games.

Why operations instead of FA? Surely this is bad, you aren't scoring from hand with Jeeves, it's so sub-optimal!

Operations fuel this deck, and luckily there are some good doubles that get you a bunch of money to make up for the lack of ETF bucks. As it turns out, you can have a really good turn with 4 or 5 corp clicks. Even ETF will want to know how you made your money and installed so many things!

Once you embrace these ideals, there's limitless opportunities ahead! Make Bioroids Strong Again!

31 May 2016 VixinXiviir

Well, my illusions of what is actually "good" have been shattered. Well done. Wish I could have stayed to see your top 8 games, but me and my brothers had to get home.

31 May 2016 Snake Eyes

Bravo! A good placing with ST! I never thought I'd see the day.

31 May 2016 Ebrey

In your whole deck, only Viktor, Markus, and a Turing on a central are not D4vidable. Did you find runners simply did not have enough clone chips to recur D4vid enough times?

31 May 2016 Grimwalker

I'm thinking that. Almost all of the 5+ ice has multiple subs--D4 is going to run out of rocks really fast.

1 Jun 2016 BraveReality

@Ebrey @Grimwalker I was never particularly worried about D4vid because it only gets through 1.5 ice before being pawned. It usually wasn't worth a runner's time to constantly recur it to get through every piece of ice.

1 Jun 2016 Drazjk

Shedding a tear due to how beautiful this deck is.

As far as questions go though. Is it lack of space and the critical amount of operations needed that pushes out Advanced Assembly Lines? I would have otherwise thought that card a good speed enabler.

1 Jun 2016 BraveReality

@Drazjk I don't think Advanced Assembly Lines fits here because the deck is so operation heavy. The only use I see would be using it to get a Jeeves out without spending a click, which I don't think is vital.

With that being said I think you can also make this deck where you plan to Jeeves on installs, which uses Brain-Taping Warehouse and additional assets along with (potentially) Surat City Grid for the economic boost. In the current meta I think the operation style is more viable, though

The upcoming Lateral Growth will slot in perfectly, and I'm excited to find a way to jam it in. It's basically the operation version of Assembly and works a little bit more with the glacier style this deck is built around.

1 Jun 2016 Badeesh

Would be better in ETF.


1 Jun 2016 dominionmundi

Interesting. I've been testing out Ravana with quite a bit of success. Few things

So, when you celebrity gift, that counts as two clicks spent on operations. One additional operation triggers Jeeves? Is that correct?

Whats the difference between protecting Jeeves and protecting EVE/adonis?

One thing I noticed when I play operation heavy decks is that your RD gets thin faster than in decks packing assets (thereby negatively affecting your agenda density). Has that been the case here?

Finally, dont you want to spend all that cash on badder ice? Ichi 2.0?

1 Jun 2016 dominionmundi

sry meant heimdall 2

1 Jun 2016 8shanrahan

I love the celebrity gift splash. The card probably the best econ card in the game.

2 Jun 2016 vagito28

How do you usually score your agendas?

2 Jun 2016 Grimwalker

@dominionmundi that's correct. One double followed by a Subliminal Messaging gives you two clicks remaining in a turn. Feels good.

2 Jun 2016 BraveReality

@dominionmundi Jeeves was generally easier to protect than a campaign. I found the runner is less inclined to trash Jeeves so I usually only had 1 ICE protecting him.

The deck can thin out very quickly, which could be a problem in some games. I'm still toying with loads of variations because I don't think this is the most optimal build, but it may turn out that a 54 card deck is best.

In regards to ICE selection I wanted to run cheap stuff because I need a lot rezzed. The bioroids problem is that you have to stack ICE to stop the runner, and I found it much harder with a more expensive curve.

@vagito28 You score by building scary remotes. The runner really won't want to check it every time and you can usually read the scoring windows pretty easily. Ash was a superstar on the day and I'd really like to fit a 3rd in. ELP really discourages runs as well.

3 Jun 2016 spags

The name.



3 Jun 2016 dominionmundi

also interns works

3 Jun 2016 DJINNandJUICE

This list is fantastic! Looking forward to taking it to a game night myself! How were your matchup for the day? What deck do you fear the most? This thing is a gem! Seriously most serious HB:ST deck yet!

4 Jun 2016 formerteen

this looks great and i'm real excited to try it out. a couple quick questions:

what would be the one ice you'd use to protect jeeves typically? protecting more than one remote can be a pain, so if you're only using 1 ice, what would it be?

what's your ideal scoring remote ice?

what're you usually grabbing with reclamation order? does it just totally depend on the board state?


4 Jun 2016 BraveReality

@DJINNandJUICE I went 3-2 in swiss then 0-2 in top 8. Not great, but I had not played the deck until the first round of the tournament. The concept hadn't even been put together until we arrived in AZ late the night before the tournament. It seemed cheeky in testing so I decided to have fun and play it instead of Fastro. With that being said...

First round MaxX- Win

My ability coming into use from the start! This was more of a Reg-Ass MaxX build with fixed breakers, NRE, and Ice Carver, so the strength bump of my bioroids messed up the math just enough to really give her breakers a difficult time.

Second round Noise- Win

Noise seemed to have some bad draws and I had optimal ones. Drew 3 agendas the entire game and developed a very strong board state thanks to an excellent ABT (Markus, Ichi, Vikram).

Third round Andromeda- Win

Snitch/Au Revoir/Turning Wheel, played by Jamin, one of the guys who I built the deck with and playtested with the night before. I had to shift to a rush style because he can turn on Blackmail and I needed to pressure him before he's comfortable. Two interesting things happened this game.

1- My ability prevented him from going on an 8 deep R&D dig because he didn't have the money to break with Sherman (when he thought he did).

2- Jeeves let me score the GFI after an IAA because Andy played The Source. This was a really hard fought game, but my ability and Jeeves contributed directly to the win.

The rest of the games are sort of lost in my mind. I think I lost against a Faust Tenma due to flood. Also a Dumblefork build played by my buddy Gerry, who has been playing Anarchs over the last year and is quite good at them.

The two games played in the finals were streamed by CorpDraw, and I suggest watching those. I lost them both but I feel like I played it well-ish (although I haven't been able to go back and watch them myself yet). They were against the exact same Noise Player, Josh, who outplayed me in both efforts.

I don't really know ideal match ups and I don't really know the deck well enough to be afraid of anything, haha. This is still a young deck and I'm already planning on making some changes.

@formerteen What protected Jeeves depends on the match up. Ravana is probably my favorite overall, but Victor and Vikram were good throughout the day. I felt most comfortable with any remote with Ash, and he felt really instrumental in getting the 7th point. Rec order wasn't actually played on the day, but I really liked being able to pull Celeb Gifts, GLC, and Hedge Funds in testing.

5 Jun 2016 formerteen

cool, thanks!

8 Jun 2016 buzard

This is a fun deck to play, is very effective and is easy to understand. That is hard to do, well done. This is my new "go to" deck.

16 Jun 2016 dominionmundi

Been having a great time running this deck. Just love the strength boost!

Few things I've done.

As much as enhanced login protocol makes sense on paper and all the clickable ice, I've taken it out for 2 x restructure.

I think at least an extra turing is good to protect Jeeves.

Not a huge fan of Markus, been running a Viktor 1 and a Viktor 2. Also threw in a Heimdall 2.0. I think there should be a surprise factor.

In games where my Jeeves really starts rolling, the click engine is just sick. Often getting to 40+ credits.

Your thoughts on this deck after more playtesting?

I did not understand your rationale for green clearance > restructure at first, but now I do. S

21 Jun 2016 burzum51

Tested in some game. The economy is nice, but i find it's kind a hard to score with some many clickable ice.

21 Jun 2016 BraveReality

@dominionmundi Interesting changes! Ever since this version I've been trying it with a 54 card deck and Fear the Masses. The extra deck size lets me leverage the draw from BLC and GLC better, and Lateral Growth is simply amazing.

I think cutting Markus is the right choice, although I haven't found a suitable berrier replacement. Adding Turing was a big step for AI hate, which I wanted in the tourney. I tried Sub Boost, which seemed good on paper, but was hard to work in a game.

What have your results been with Victor and Heimdall 2? I've toyed with adding bigger bioroids in, but keep axing them for cheaper alternatives. Have either of them helped open scoring opportunities in remotes?

(@burzum51)After a lot of testing I've found that the deck needs a little help securing scoring windows. Ash and ELP help, but neither ever feel like the perfect solution. I think the version I posted has potential to make both work, but isn't focused enough to wholly benefit from either option. With that being said, the shell is there and I think some adjustments can be made to make it more consistent.

7 Jul 2016 LazarusTaxon

Hey, thanks for sharing such a unique and competative deck. I have been trying to learn it and it is loads of fun and a breath of fresh air.

Have you done any more testing since your last comments here? How has the deck changed? Specifically are you running at 54? Did you take anything out for Lateral Growth? Found anything to replace Markus?

I have been trying it at 54 w/ +3 Lateral, +1 Turing, +1 ASH. Getting mixed results but I am also a mediocre pilot. Would love to hear your insights, I might take this bad boy to some GNKs coming up. Thanks!

13 Sep 2016 buzard

Still playing this deck. It keeps getting better all the time. I love baiting my opponent into hacking through a remote for a GFI, then watch them pound through again and not have enough credits for an NAPD. Than watch while I score NAPD then an ABT the next turn. Fun.

18 Oct 2016 I_AM_G:\ROOT

The Jeeves, blc and glc he decks, in my opinion, favour the 54 card decks. You have a goodly amount of draw and econ but still need to make sure that R&D isn't too dense. I have been playing my own ETF brew with a similar operations suite, but just switched to ST and boiroid ice to see how it goes. I liked the look of this deck and used a similar ice suite as my starting point. I also think that 2x/3x of eve or Adonis is a good include because it can force runs on the scoring remote to stop the corp from being so rich they can out ash trace you. By forcing these runs you can also create that scoring window. Greet looking deck. Well impressed and looking forward to the evolution of what hopefully becomes a new archetype!!

19 Oct 2016 I_AM_G:\ROOT

to clarify my previous comment, i mean to say "to stop the runner from being so rich they can out ash trace you" the lesson? Don't comment on this from a mobile device