Signature Maverick Move - 41st & 60th @ Worlds 2023

koga 2652

It's happened before. It will happen again. Doof Shaper. Here we go.

First of all, a note. This is not a gimmick. It's not simply a "ha-ha" include. It's not meant to shock in swiss and fold in the top cut. It's a thought out include. A calculated influence use. It's a choice derived from the core shell and plan of the deck. The element of surprise is just icing on the cake. This may not be the best way of using your influence and it might not result in the best decklist, but I genuinely believe it makes a lot of sense. Let me explain:

Rush decks are great in this meta. You have PD, Asa, Ob, plus a bunch of other corps that want to generally move quickly throughout the game and use ice to gearcheck / annoy you. I tried the Bravado version, but it felt somewhat clunky, as I often found myself clicking for credits to play the card and have a chance of breaking what was in front of me. When you manage to get the right timing though, it gives you quite a bit of resources to play with, which pushes you forward very nicely. In my view, doof does more: instead of simply giving you a boost, it opens windows to contest a remote early + abuse one of the best cards in the deck (Kyuban) on ice the corp can't or won't rez. After the window closes, the game has also slowed down a bit, meaning that you are now closer to your power spike: the late game R&D lock. Arissana is one of the best IDs in the entire game at doing that, but you have to make sure that you have a chance of reaching that phase.

The deck performed very well for me on friday, with two opponents conceding even before 7 points (one of which was the now back-to-back world champ, teammate and friend @Sokka on his BtL), losing only to @rongydoge's kill NEH after a super hard fought game. I think I dropped the ball a bit on saturday and sunday, making some silly mistakes due to being a bit unfocused while playing some rounds, which easily cost me two games that were definitely winnable. After friday's performance, @sebastiank trusted me enough with the list to bring it himself and achieved a great 41st place, just a 241 short of the points needed for the top cut.

The list is not super refined, like most of what I publish. I was struggling super hard to find something to play last minute because nothing I tried seemed to be working in the week leading up to the tournament. There's always room for improvement and I'll definitely come back to it soon.

Shoutouts and stuff:

First of all, I want to give huge thanks to my Arissana brother @sebastiank for the trust he put in me. I am so humbled to have such a good player take one of my lists and just roll with it without a single change (-1 Diesel, I added it last minute as 48th card). We paired against each other round 2 and decided to ID. We chatted a lot during that round and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

I am so happy I ended up playing Arissana and I have @rustryder to thank for that. I really felt like I was going crazy for a few days, but he convinced me to just stick to what I was used to and felt confortable with, rather than a last-minute switch.

@Sokka I am so happy we IDed on round 3. Lunch was lovely and I knew you had way better chances. ๐Ÿ

Huge thanks go to pretty much the entirety of Unband for pushing every single member to do better, but in their own way. I love how every member brought their own creation or spin on a popular idea, with very few exceptions.

My deepest thanks go to @rongydoge too. Before the tournament I felt lots of pressure to perform and show that I can play well. Despite losing on friday, the little chat we had right after our games lifted a heavy load off my shoulders and probably made my entire weekend. I didn't care about my Worlds placement anymore and I felt free to just play and enjoy every match.

@CobraBubbles and @wowarlok, I love you two to bits. Thank you so much for crushing it in Eternal, it was a joy to be part of that.

To the rest of the Italian community, we may have not spent as much time together as previous times, but I will be forever grateful to you all. We'll see each other soon.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who made Worlds 2023 possible. I had a ton of fun in 2019, but this was something else. See you all soon, hopefully IRL ^^

18 Oct 2023 CobraBubbles

Lovely to meet you koga! Killer list - can't believe you let me and wowarlock brag so much about our silly shaper bullshit when you were pulling this sickness in standard. More power to ya!

18 Oct 2023 rongydoge

was awesome to meet and talk netrunner with you! let's run it back next year :)

18 Oct 2023 sebastiank

In the lead up to worlds, I was in a runner-side rut: Arissana wasn't doing well for me, which led me onto an Urban Art Az deck, which I hyperfixated on in part because I wanted to defend my Worlds-top-Az title, but it was always too clunky. Once I gave up on Az the day before worlds, I complained to the King, and he told me to just play Arissana. Made sense. I had nothing good, so I came to you, and you gave me this gem. I agree wholeheartedly with the reasons you stated in support of DooF Arissana, I was so on board when I saw the deck had it. My Az deck used DooF to advance Kyuban farming as well, but this does it in a more click efficient way and has a good endgame if the game slows down.

On the day, I went 3-3, but my losses felt winnable. The NEH matchup seems to have a lot of luck involved, but if you don't blink until the last turn, maintain the money, and make good reads which remotes you have to run, Conduit can maybe steal the game at the end. NEH also only has 3 ice, so overwriting ice that are loaded with trojans is more tricky. I blinked before the last turn, stopped checking remotes, went for Conduit, only found 3 points, then died. In the 241, I played a badly timed diversion which spiraled into me losing control of the game. If I had practiced the deck even a little, I think I very well could have made top cut.

My experience with the deck is minimal, but a thing that popped up a couple times was Nuka's cards being too hard to play in the early game, which led me to discard more than I would have liked. Early money and having cheaper cards may prevent some of that. Into the Depths, I don't know how good it is. Run events like it clogged up the hand. There is a niche card called sure gamble that we maybe should consider.

Thank you so much for sharing your list! It made every single one of my runner games enjoyable, which really was a win in and of itself given I was tired of getting my runner ass beat all week in Unband HQ. Nobody expects the diversion... Cpt. Nice burst out laughing when I played it in the game against them, which was good fun. I look forward to brewing more shaper with you in the future :)

19 Oct 2023 sebastiank

Finished writing that when I was very sleepy, idk what I meant when I said "cheaper cards." I stand by the "needs more early money" take though.

20 Oct 2023 Sokka


27 Oct 2023 Council

"I was tired of getting my runner ass beat all week in Unband HQ." Sorryyy

Tbf I feel this ass whooping is mutual in Unband HQ. Alas, testing group bias.

27 Oct 2023 Council

Also @kogathe way you approach deckbuilding is inspriring. You are a veritable pillar of our community.

28 Oct 2023 koga

I am always humbled and forever grateful for all the comments, they really warm my heart