Tripel Bankers (1st Place Belgian Nationals)

Ollie 252

Not much to see here, this is heavily based off the UK CtM list from worlds but with a couple of changes

-1 Tollbooth, +1 Turnpike – Very rarely I feel like a rezzed booth can really swing the game for me, either I don’t have money to rez or I’d rather spend the money doing other things, usually scoring agendas. Turnpike is a very good ice in the early game, it’s a pain for anarchs whether they are paying 3 to break or taking the tag and forcing a sentry breaker out of shaper is usually a good exchange for rezzing this, therefore the tollbooth had to go as your other ice is too important to cut.

-1 Closed Accounts, +1 Exchange of Information – I had been wanting to run 2 exchange in CtM for a while now and then saw that Comrades CtM cut the closed accounts to play a 2nd one. Closed accounts is easily the worst tag punishment in the deck since a good player will try and play around it as much as possible e.g. holding back burst econ or installing high cost cards after playing burst. The 2nd exchange does 2 things, firstly it shores up some bad matchups – your game against tag me Liza gets a lot better as they were already virtually immune to closed accounts through bankroll – without 2 EoI it is very hard to close out against Liza without using psychographics. The second thing it does is let you find your exchange faster, against anarch after they have gone tag me, the game is essentially a race for them to get enough accesses in before you draw enough tag punishment to win, closed accounts is rarely useful here since Val usually has some BP to enable runs and otherwise the runner is probably sinking money into getting accesses so will be rarely floating enough credits for closed to be super impactful.

In the swiss I lost my first game against Smoke but then the deck won all remaining games against Liza, Val, Nexus 419 and Smoke, then in the cut it won a very close game against Val and later against freedom where I had one of the best draws I have ever had with the deck, this match was streamed on Trace 5.

25 Sep 2018 Swiftie


25 Sep 2018 Terje

Can't believe you've made me favourite a damn CtM deck mate :P Wp!

25 Sep 2018 Ollie

@Swiftie :negativesquaredcross_mark:

@Njabbskolt Thanks!