Grug Goes To The Library (1st in Swiss at NANPC Vancouver)

Whiteblade111 2501

Day one of the new set dropping, my friend Dan (Cablecarnage) dropped a new version of Grug Kit with Lob and the new shaper events. This wasn't on my radar, but after playing it a few games, I felt like it was just busted. I worked with my testing group and the Canadians to iterate on the list, ending up with this brew. It was played by myself, Kysra and a handful of Canadians. Myself and Metronome both made the cut on the exact same kit.

How it works:

You're playing a fairly agressive and tempo positive econ package, playing on rate econ events and using annicam and prepaid to extract extra value. Your breaker suite is Lob + Orca, using Spark to get them out of your deck. Lob allows you to be incredible agressive. With kit you melt any 1 ice servers on centrals while also being able to break deeper servers with the fracter side. Orca is a bailout for when the corporation stacks sentries. It also charges your cataloguers

Your multiaccess early game is trickshot and burner. Utitlize cataloguer to close games out. In fast asset matchups or rush matchups, don't try and angle for prepaid value, just rip your events and keep the corp down. Miss bones helps you control the asset boards alongside dirty laundry and trickshot. If you recognize the matchup is going to be grindy or value oriented try and get the prepaids and other compounding value effects in play. There's a lot of skill expression in knowing when to Ashen, it's fine to fire off the levy before you've drawn your whole deck out.

What is it good against?:

I've felt pretty great with it into everything that isn't rigshooter. You have a lot of power and flexibility. If you're making good runner decisions, it definitely feels like it can just roll over most corporations. Even when the deck draws hardware early and stalls, a few sure gambles and trickshots and you've just left the station. Your multiaccess is extremely consistent and burner functioning as super legwork + disruption is incredible.

What is it bad against?:

Weyland has the best tools on paper. SDS Drone Deployment, Trebuchet, Zato City Grid. Ob Rush also seems fairly well positioned into it. Weyland can also FA agendas out with little requirement. This deck can't play clot, so FA seems more viable. I've seen people trying Amani Senai - Cryptocrash, I think that's okay, but honestly with 3x spark and 3x lob, bouncing hasn't slowed me down too much. I've either made enough money to reinstall and keep going, or I can angle for another spark. Stacking sentries is also good, as it means the kit has to get their orca into play. Is this BDIF? Nah, but it's a real threat you need to prepare for.

Thank you to Alec and Joe for running NANPC Vancouver, what an excellent event. Thank you to my testing group for help on the deck. Finally, Thank you to Ian for flying all the way from Boston for the event, and hanging out all weekend. See yall at NANPC Boston.

25 Mar 2024 holzpubbnsubbe

Whenever I meet a new player with a sub-par deck they made themselves, I try to convince them to learn the game while playing your famous Zahya deck. I have bookmarked that deck, because I needed to paste it in jnet so many times. It is time to change that bookmark :)

25 Mar 2024 rongydoge

i love grug
i love nanpc
i love vancouver
i love hot chicken
i [ ] seafood pancake
i love apizz
10/10 would scrub out again

25 Mar 2024 ctz

grug love grug

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