This deck isn't supposed to work

Two_EG 564

and it doesn't work.

6 Jun 2024 Krams

And yet, it still looks kinda fun.

I's a little weird that you need 3x Credit Kiting becuase it's your only way of installing Orca and Lobisomem, but you only ever need it two times, since there are no other targets than these two. But I don't think there's really another good way with this rig.

I don't think Juli Moreira Lee needs to be a 3-of, though. That's 12 s you can get back (more, if Orca charges her, but she's probably not the main charge target here). You can use this 3 times on FoaF, 3 times on Rogue Trading and then, what? Use Eru Ayase-Pessoa every turn? The Corp can just ICE up Archives.
I think I'd go -1 Juli and +1 Networking, just for consistency in the whole tagging plan.

Also, do you think there's wiggle room in the inf spread for “Pretty” Mary da Silva?
She makes such a nice couple with Manuel Lattes de Moura ... mechanically, I mean.

6 Jun 2024 Two_EG

@Krams 10~ games so far, and you're right, for every points you mentioned.

Juli herself is actually really good, and yes, we can actually use Eru every turn... unless you've already lost while setting up rig. That's the real problem.

7 Jun 2024 Silent Arbiter

You can use Credit Kiting on class act/Earthrise aswell tho!