bblum's corp cube - 300 card version

bblum 4795

Corp starting cards: 5x Priority Requisition

(Actually, since I only have 3 prireqs, I use a bunch of different (non-TFP) 5/3s and say they all have no abilities.)

Corresponding runner cube:

23 Dec 2014 sruman

Thanks for creating this, excellent resource. Just wondering if you or anyone else had a list of the sets / packs that would be needed to create this?

23 Dec 2014 bblum

Well... all of them. Kind of the point of the cube! But if you're looking to make it with some packs missing, it shouldn't be too hard to keep a checklist of what cards are missing, then substitute additional copies of other cards that play the same role. The most important packs are probably future proof and the big boxes.

23 Dec 2014 Jahz

All of them, yes, but how many of them ?

I mean, one force of nature for the runner side starting cards asks you to have 3 "A Study in Static" to be able to draft for 8 players. And 5 prireqs per players is 40 for 8 players ! That's a bit weird considering that putting aside the starting cards, the cube is nice enough to ask for only 1 pack of everything.

And not sure what you mean by "they all have no abilities", do you mean prireq has no ability as well ?

Should we just proxy everything ?

24 Dec 2014 bblum

Ahh, I misunderstood. You only need one of each. I just sleeved up 3 of each of the starting icebreakers and keep them with the cube, but I don't think I've ever actually had anyone need to use them at all, let alone more than 3 people needing the same icebreaker at once.

And yes, for the agendas, prireq (and restructured datapool, and project wotan, and executive retreat...) serves as a blank 5/3. The only 5/3 with an ability is TFP, which actually shows up during the draft. Or you could say that your restructured datapools and so on are proxies for additional prireqs.

29 Jan 2015 Hipsu

Thanks for the list. Few questions: 1. The official and SneakySly's starters have some guaranteed moneymaking cards like PADs or Private Contracts. Yours doesn't so it hasn't been an issue? 2. Isn't there a disproportionate amount of Sentries vs other types? Does your Runner cube have enough Killers?

29 Jan 2015 bblum

Good questions.

1: There's more econ in the cube to compensate. It's been playtested a bunch and the balance seems right. Same for the runner side. The advantage of this is you don't have to bring (or ask others to bring) 18x pricos/armitages, but it does also change the draft environment a little in terms of how constrained your draft picks are.

2: Yes, but more of them than the code gates and barriers don't gear check. The runner can just pay/click/etc through cad, raven, ichi, pup, troll, etc. I counted up the number of gear checking ice of each type and while it wasn't exactly even it seemed balanced enough.

21 Sep 2015 mmychal

I know I am necro-ing this but I was wondering if you had an updated cube now that several expansion packs have been released? Also, with so many more cards in the game, building a 360-card cube to support 8-man drafts seems much more feasible. Have you built any 360-card cubes?

21 Sep 2015 bblum

The stimhack cube has been updated through UoT, which you can find here:

We had several successful 8-person drafts at the MAC ANRPC with 320 card cubes, but we are thinking of expanding it so players can draft more than 40 cards, especially for their corp decks. So here's an unofficial corp cube I've made for D&D. (Also the stimhack cube still has some dumb choices in it, like only 2 scorches; I fixed those here as well.)

21 Sep 2015 bblum

Expanding all the way to 360 is somewhat risky because in order to keep a good balance of econ cards you keep having to go to 3x copies of staples like adonis, eve, etc, which goes against the goal of the cube being to showcase as much card pool variety as possible. It also hurts the decks that want as many copies as possible of cards like scorch, midseasons, and mushin, when the proportion of those is lower.