Thimbloops Works in KC, Too (Tugtetgut's deck)

Agasha 237

All credit goes to tugtetgut for this deck. OG deck here.

Our meta is stalled on life support; three people at the Regional today. This deck got me the win by taking down 60 card MaxX and Hayley.

Scarcity was the MVP vs Hayley. The game was long and drawn out. I tried to sneak out a Nisei behind a single Border Control early in the game. He Falsified the agenda, slammed Gauss, and grabbed the Nisei. Then he got an Obo, and I felt the game slipping away. Thankfully, I drew all three Scarcity and kept his resources-base econ cards in hand. He didn't fire a single Hayley install all game due to the lack of cash. Ultimately, the Gauss that got him the Nisei early ended up being his undoing against Data Loops, which were 5 to break plus 2 cards. I was able to score an Nisei behind a couple of Border Controls, an Obo before he could find Film Critic, and finally a Yagi-Uda with a Marcus Batty protecting it. Though it won me the game, I'll be happy when Scarcity and the other currents go out of fashion.

Second game against MaxX was much rushier. I scored a Nisei and a Yagi-Uda pretty quickly, he snagged a Nisei, but MaxX kept trashing his breakers. He was finally able to get a Turtle back (clone chip, I think, but I had a Yagi-Uda behind Excalibur / Border Control combo and the Turtle didn't have any counters. I got the agendas in the order and spacing I needed; if that game goes much longer, I think the Turtle runs roughshod all over me.

Thanks to @ElderMason and @KingTilt / BSNGNR for playing and keeping the game alive here in KC. And thanks for Tugtutget for this deck. It's a good one. Curious to see how it changes when Exal goes all potato on us.

3 Sep 2019 zengoshugoju

Keep it up, we stalled out at 3 players too! It took what seemed ages but now there are a couple new players and a semi-regular game night ... Keeping the game alive is tough, but it sounds like you're still having fun!

3 Sep 2019 Agasha

Thanks for the support! We're in it for the long-haul, I think, with Jnet. Just need to figure out how to sell the game to new players. Should we start with Print and Play, or recruit using Jnet after a casual match or two? The whole "it's a physical game but you prolly can't buy the cards so think about print and play or borrowing cards or just Jnet" isn't a coherent pitch.

What do you all do to help build the game?