Swiss Gulag - 1st GNK DracheNäscht

Johnny B. Running 2

I won my first GNK (13 people) with this Argus deck and the Pawned Bioroid deck. This deck derives directly from the Minnesotan Gulag deck by aunthemod, so most credits should go to them. The only change I made is swapping the 1 Prisec for a third Rashida, to see it more consistently early game. This Deck went 4-0-1, winning against Val, Hayley, Jesminder and Liza and a timed draw against Smoke. I‘ve had a blast playing this deck on jinteki and at the GNK! It's right up my alley. Play aggressively, try to score out as fast as possible, force the runner into bad decisions, make them broke, then shoot them up. Seeing the runner liberate an account and then you reverse it, quite nice. Atlas token with 3 agenda tokens, quite nice. Score Armed Intimidation with a click left in your turn, very nice.

Welcome to the Gulag!

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