CodeMarvelous's FiverShop (1st place GNK)

osclate 687

This was my first time playing shaper at a tournament, and the first time I won! Thanks to my friend CodeMarvelous for providing the list, which is an updated version of this build:

CodeMarvelous streamed the tournament here, and 3 of my 5 games were on stream:

The deck went 4-1 at the tournament. I played against a Titan Fast Advance, a Builder of Nations Fast Advance, a really neat AgInfusion build with secret tech (keep an eye out for CodeMarvelous to publish that list sometime!), and a Boom Sync. My one loss was in the finals against the same BoN deck. The second time around he was able to rush out before I was set up enough to challenge his scoring remote.

Obviously the fact that I was shaper and was able to threaten clot lock was great against the 3 opponents who rely on fast advance. Film critic/NACH were also critical against Sync.

The deck is fun to play, but it sure isn't quick... beginning of turn effects can take quite a while when you have Daily Casts, Aesop's Pawnshop, Reaver, Beth, and Bloo Moose! So if you bring this to a tournament, make sure your corp deck can win quickly.

For a more detailed deck description, check out the link above!

17 Aug 2017 Crazimir

A few questions:

-What's the reasoning behind only running a singleton Bloo Moose? -Is Daredevil better than the other green console options? (Astrolabe, primarily) -How did Inversificator work out for you? Worth the extra install-cost over comparable breakers, strength-wise? -Only one Paperclip... aren't you afraid of Ark Lockdown and similar effects?