Reg Val [1st Boise SC]

kata124 420

Went 5-2. Ten players. Four rounds of swiss. Cut to top four.

Same deck Dan, Josh, and BigBoy were playing at worlds with tweaks based on Ipoulter's list. Datasucker and Ice Carver didn't do much but they were better than Mercs. Stimhack was really good, would probably change the sucker to a third Stimhack.

win vs Reversed CI
win vs Skorpios
loss vs CTM
win vs Reversed CI
loss vs CTM
win vs AgInfusion
win vs CTM

25 Jan 2018 endagra

It seems like you struggled a bit with CtM. Is that just a bad matchup for this deck?

25 Jan 2018 Angelofdeath

Considered cutting ice carver for slums? I’m running that with much improved success vs CtM....