[Boardgame] Personal Evolution

petrapan82 8

TL;DR This is one out of 15 decks constructed to create a boardgame-like-experience out of the FFG cardpool. Created within a limited meta focused on the essentials running and bluffing.

Shortly after FFG canceled Android Netrunner I discovered the game, fell in love with it and back then I was lucky enough to buy two complete collections. Because none of my friends own any Netrunner cards but really enjoy playing the game I decided to build some decks to create a boardgame-like-experience.

Therefore I limited the cardpool to create my own little meta that focuses on two aspects of the game which I find really appealing: running and bluffing.

The cardpool reaches from the Revised Core Set to Reign and Reverie but excludes the Mumbad Cycle, Terminal Directive, all currents and round about 100 handpicked cards which seemed not to be fun, overpowered or opened up winning strategies without the need to run. And it includes five cards of the original core set which just made three decks work as supposed … finally!

Now, four years later, I have built 15 decks, two for each faction and one using the multiplayer ID. Half of the decks I created on my own, for the other half I researched decks on netrunnerdb and adjusted them to my meta.

I myself am now very happy with every deck. They all feel different and my friends love to come over and play them. And I finally achieved my goal to play Netrunner!

So if some of you still have a complete collection sitting in your closet maybe these decks are made for you. :)

Have fun!