Perfect Harmony (14th at Nordics 2017)

Bridgeman 928

A straightforward way to play glacier RP. Put spiky ice on centrals to make it hard to trash your crazy econ assets. Use the economy to build your defenses, judge depending on the runner how quickly you should go for building your remote. Score a Nisei MK2 early if you can and snowball from there.

In retrospect I think one IPO should be traded for a caprice. Economy was never a huge problem and I found myself lacking caprice in some games.

Using influence on fairchild 3.0 instead of commercial bankers group (like the german nationals winner) would probably have been a good idea. Then tech startup would have been played to fetch sundew.

Friends in high places is crazy good as we all know, Brings back your economy if they manage to get rid of it.

Goodbye RP! Was nice turtling with you!