(19th @Worlds, 10-2) A borrowed Reavershop Wu

Redino987 289

I was fully planning to play Mining Accident 419 at worlds this year, and if i didn't end up playing in Crown of Servers I would've not done too well.

The team i joined for CoS needed a shaper, so I asked the folks I knew who were in Toronto for a shaper deck I could borrow. AnalyzeChris tossed me this 46 card reavershop Wu and I went with it. I have played similar decks in the past so it seemed easy enough to get back into the groove (if you'll pardon my pun)

The deck performed so spectacularly in CoS that i asked to borrow it for the main event. Of the 12 games played over both days, it only dropped 2 games, both to PE lists (my personal worst matchup)

I cant really speak for the construction of the list but it runs smoothly as long as you get your Aesop's early enough. Pop No Free Lunch on the corp turn for a fake Aesop/Reaver trigger, and you're off to the races!