Bubble girl playing in the middle tables 2-5 E&A Cont. 2020

lostie 9

This is basically @Longi's deck from Asian Continentals but I decided to use Amina instead of Engolo and spend that influence on 1x Labor Rights and 2x Rezeki.

Corp deck

This deck was a lot of fun to play with. Even in the all the losses I had some really close and interesting games.

I've been beaten by Replicating Perfection, Sportsmetal (with Snares!), ASA, Sportsmetal (Game changer) and Replicating Perfection (with PSI games).

I defeated Saraswati (on 6 3-Points Agenda) with my early accesses on R&D stealing or seeing all the agendas (TFP), horrible R&D accesses for my opponent @Hyperbolic_Mess. The other win was against the 3 RP I played on the day, and it was down to the wire, both just needing to score or steal the winning agenda and I've lucked a steal on my first remote run, out of 4 new remote servers I had to check, with only 3 clicks left.

Thanks to all my opponents I've faced on the day and to @NISEI to make this tournament happen and the great work they have done so far!