Red Dead Redemption

NinjaSonic 13

The bastard child of Soul Siphon and Macho Man Reina Savage.

The influence is spent on 2 Account Siphon, 2 Clone Chip, 3 Crescentus. Most list pick either 3 Account Siphon or 3 Clone Chip. I say "WHY NOT BOTH?" Generally never feel the need for more Clone Chip's and the 2 Account Siphon along with Vamp can be recurred with Déjà Vu if necessary.

Now onto the card choices:

Resources: 3 Daily Casts and Earthrise Hotel are great because their clickless. 2 Kati because you can set up big plays with her. Xanadu is surprisingly good when combined with Crescentus. Most people forget that it's all ICE not just the first like Reina's ability.

Events: 2 Account Siphon and Vamp allow you to deny your opponent. Often times you can use these to drain multiple resources to let you get a big play on R&D with Keyhole. Sure Gamble is excellent economy, Pretty sure every Anarch list should be running 3 Déjà Vu and I've Had Worse they're just too good.

Breaker Suite: 3 Eater because it combos with your events and Crescentus so well. D4v1d and Knight are your back up while Parasite is there for everything else they can't handle.

Other Programs: 3 Crescentus the aforementioned synergy with Eater is great especially with Xanadu and Reina out. If you manage to Crescentus something on a Vamp or Account Syphon run you're miles ahead. Keyhole because it and Eater is probably my favorite combo thanks to Order and Chaos. Lamprey can also become backbreaking because on occasion it helps slow the corp down.

Hardware: 2 Clone Chip let you recur most of your shenanigans. 3 can feel a bit overkill. 2 Vigil, most used for it +1 MU but can draw cards once you slow your opponent down and they have to look for answers. The Plascrete Carapace is the 45th card, feel free to try different things out in it's slot.

Fairly new to the game, this is my first write-up so feel free to leave some feedback. Most of my losses so far come from my lack of knowledge on each Corps decks tricks.

16 Mar 2015 postalelf

I'm not entirely sold on Lamprey and would probably rather have Datasuckers to combo with the Parasites. Also, Datasuckers can become free Eater credits later in the game against high-strength ice, which is nice.

17 Mar 2015 CJFM

I am going to test a version of this out. I like the Macho Man "Headlock" versions quite a lot. I think that having the option to siphon is still preferable to not having it. Awesome list!