The Notorious B.I.G. Mom (1-2 Intercontinentals)

Cpt_nice 1715

This is the Sunny list I played at Intercontinentals yesterday. Earth's best mum definitely isn't well positioned to take on the quicker ASA lists that are tearing up the competitive scene atm, but I wanted to stay true to the brand. And she has a good Gamenet match up, that OTHER corp that you need to respect.

The deck got 1 win against Inactivist on Gamenet and lost to Simonmoon on ASA and MelkorsFolly on MirrorMorph, who just rushed hard.

Interesting choices for this tournament included the Miss Bones and Because I can, as ASA tech. The idea was to play the BIC in the early game, since it wouldn't cost a tempo loss and get rid of an expensive asset. It also counters Argus murder server and Cityworks, but people decided Weyland was bad apparently. I also slotted a Notoriety to close out games against decks where you always get stuck at 6 points (so most of them). And since this tournament was all about the memes (GLUT CIPHER???) it just felt right.