Ed Kim Friday for BLM 27/06 WLLL

willybn1 11

BLM R1 W. Opp NBN CtM which is clearly bad for me. RnD not ICE-ed for most of game so sniped 6 points and then opp tried to score out a 5 point Beale so ran last click with enough money to get through 10 sub Tour Guide BLM R2 L. Opp was Titan and managed to use Atlas token to dig out Hostile to win. took a few turns too long to set up, digging for the second ICD to know what to get with the Secial Order. BLM R3 L. Opp was ASA and got ahead with the whole install loads. didn't get a grip really, had all the ICE breakers but again slow to set up. BLM R4 L. Opp was Saraswati Mnemonics. ran out of money, misused a Hippo on gatekeeper then needed it later in game for Anansi.