Full Slee Operational (5-2 at Worlds 2020)

Baa Ram Wu 787

Back once again with the Ill behaviour and making Slee work in 2020!

Having spent a decent amount of time getting value out of Slee in ACME I have been experimenting with Slee in ASA for the last 6 months or so.

Asa has the speed to set up quickly usually forcing the runner to facecheck without a full breaker set which is perfect for a Slee deck

Testing for worlds made me assume it would be an Apoc heavy meta (0 Apocs faced!!) which made me replace some of the pure efficiency with Apoc tech in the form of Voter Machine, Mcaa and a single Crisium.

The Mcaa’s ended up being MVP’s of the day due to the amount of Leela (5 of 7) I faced – Scoring 5/3’s against Leela with single iced centrals is not fun

Malia was a last minute include to ‘deal with Citadel’ after testing with Sixtyten and did a massive amount of work in every matchup – I’ll be finding space for 2 going forward! Turning off Miss Bones is Peng!

The Spicy Agenda include here is Self-Destruct Chips, bringing the Runner down to 4 hand size to get the lethal with Slee.

The Ice suite is tuned to fit with Slee Tour Guide and Endless Eula can have enough subs to give Slee a full charge off a single mistimed face-check. Macrophage is horrible to break with any breaker and can get you 4 counters and the rest is basically good stuff Asa ice.

Shout outs to all my opponents on the Day especially to @Rotage who had the most incredibly close turn pulling some solid shaper BS to manage to trash a 14 counter slee with no clicks or credits left!

If you wanna take this deck for a spin please do - it's a blast to play, you will get a good few 'could i just read Slee again' moments and may even score the surprise kill.

Protect your Slee with good ETR ice, find a lakshmi or MCAA and start scoring. Score out a Self-Destruct chips early if poss to open up the kill and think about you ice placement - Use Slee tuned ice for servers the runner will want to hit (centrals, MCA server, Lakshmi Server etc) and don't rez your Eula's, Macrophages and tour guides where possible without a Slee down!

12 Oct 2020 koga

You were right, this is spicy as hell! Love it.

12 Oct 2020 TyrellCorp

Long live Chief Slee

12 Oct 2020 Baa Ram Wu

@koga hehe! I wasn’t lying!! Just a shame our game on stream was such a washout - don’t see all your agendas in the first 4 turns against Leela kids!

14 Oct 2020 g4rr3t

The deck was a blast. The moment I saw Chief Slee, priceless. Congrats on your performance @Baa Ram Wu!