You Spoony Dragon! (2nd Place, SOCR11)

internet 806

This deck went 5-5 (3-2 swiss, 2-3 in the cut) over the course of SOCR11. More importantly, I had a lot of fun playing it, and I trashed an average of 3 credits' worth of Tyr over those ten games.

The general strategy is to get your econ engine running (Data Foldings, Hoshiko's dragon side, resources, etc.), then use ice destruction to keep the remote server easy to get into. This deck has no multiaccess at all(!), which is less of a liability than it seems - ice destruction keeps servers cheap to access, and by trashing the corp's power ice, you can make it very difficult for them to recover from rezzing something huge. I've Had Worse + Notoriety are tremendous in a Punitive-heavy metagame; IHW can force the corp to burn a Punitive, and Notoriety reduces the numbers of steals against 5/3 decks.

Cheers to Sanjay for a wonderful tournament, Red Oni for the original deck concept, and the NYC SOCR folk for being stellar testing partners.