The Leela Effect (5th Intercontinentals)

greyfield 3908

What is the Leela effect?


I switched to this deck after two test games on Thursday night. Perhaps more test games were required, but in my defense I was on my last nerve hating runners against Asa and hating the game in general.

Went 3-3 on the day. Best GameNET, Asa Recoco, Palana, lost to HHN Asa, Tempo Asa, and AgInfusion. The tempo game I could have won if I forced action on Archives; the HHN game I could have won with better scouting. Oh well.

Wish I could have played more Corp games (3 Corp games, and 6 runner games), but that’s Survival Swiss for you. Upon reflection I’m not a huge fan of the format and don’t think it’s the 241 cure but it was a fun experiment.

Deck is OK but Maw is probably too fancy and you should just play a Paragon or Aniccam list. I might have been better off fixing the Insight deck, I dunno.