WizBiz Oracle: Black Glass Edition

voltorocks 201

My first iteration of this deck for order and chaos. Eater completely changes the game for anarch, and I think it really fits well here. Keyhole and wanton destruction provide extreme central pressure, while the Silverware, singularities, and ID ability Keep Remotes under pressure. This package has another big advantage: it costs zero influence. The surplus was spent on test run, quality time, and Hades shard for more reliability, as well as a scoring option should archives become too well defended.

The Econ and draw package are essentially the same, with the addition of Day Job and I've Had Worse. Both are powerhouse cards that make this already rich, fast-moving deck even quicker.

Gravedigger was a suggestion from a leaguemate that has become a new favorite of mine. It pairs extremely well with whizzard, who wants to stay on top of remotes, as well as the silverware events and singularity. Even against whizzard's most hated enemy, the no-remote deck, you will still get a few gravedigger triggers each game.

Try it out, let me know what you think! So far testing has been really good, but it's hard to say how things will shake out once the surprise factor wears off on the new cards.

30 Jan 2015 DrSleepless

Why is hostage in this deck? You only have one connection power nap is also suboptimal here. You don't have nearly enough doubles to warrant its use over lucky find. You are also not drawing nearly enough cards to justify the influence on a Levy without also having a same old thing. One Eater and keyhole!? Your deck revolves around this combo! There are a lot of things that could be improved here.

30 Jan 2015 voltorocks

@DrSleepless Thanks for the questions! I can tell you haven't played the deck, so I'll go through a couple of your thoughts here.

-Hostage, in addition to powering Nap, does not become an Orcale misfire once She is on the table - unlike a second or third copy of Oracle would. She is the main driver of this nearly-all-event deck, and is this worth the extra click and credit to get out.

-Power Nap does work. with 9 doubles in the deck, I need only 4 in the trash to make this as efficient click-wise as lucky find, and it has the side benefit of having zero investment requirement.

-7 draw cards, in addition to Oracle (which encourages drawing every turn) and duggars (which can often empty the stack in two turns). I'd love to not need the influence for Levy, but the fact is that of dozens and dozens of games with the previous deck, and now at least 10 or so with this one, I can only think of 3 times I have not triggered the Levy ... and they were all quick "luck" wins where I peeled off 7 points before they could even get set up.

-1 Copy of each ensures no oracle misfires once they are installed. Test run essentially makes "2" copies of each card, which is very easy to find with the (already discussed) enormous draw of the deck. As inefficient as it is, in a couple situations I have even deja vu'd test run to grab keyhole after eater was out to take advantage of an open R&D. As a last resort, Duggars can be thought of as a "third" copy of these cards; if you've found duggars but none of your programs, you can dig like no other - frankly, I'm surprised by how rarely this is necessary, but when you need it, it does great work at finding you exactly the cards you need.

30 Jan 2015 DrSleepless

You are definitely right, I haven't played it yet. Despite sounding like an ass in my first comment, I want so badly for this deck to succeed. I would love to be wrong. Tonight I plan to build it and give it a go against my local meta. We have so much Eater hate right now that I am afraid that a lot of decks will be splashing for swordsman. If this ends up being the case, I will probably swap that quality time for a Femme. I will let you know how it goes!

30 Jan 2015 voltorocks

Good luck to you! I'm still really not sure if it's better than the original (see "derived from") but for now at least the new cards are throwing people for a loop.

4 Feb 2015 Elstyr

Hey Voltorocks, this looks like the O&C version of my Doubledate deck ( netrunnerdb.com ). I really like and will definitively try it out once I have the new box. Just one question though, before I start tweeking your deck ;-) Why did you choose Whizzard as ID? As a particular counter to NEH's mutliple remotes?

4 Feb 2015 voltorocks

I like the Ken version of this archetype a lot (though to be sure, it plays quite a bit different!) and think the concept could be sound for a lot of otherwise very different decks.

Re: Whizzard: First off, there's a little bit of process of elimination: It's not a Noise deck, or an E. Kim deck. MaxX is super powerful, but this deck has to many important one-ofs to trust her.

while it's true that whizzard is dead against a few matchups (Tennin, Some weyland and some RP decks) up to 3 cr a turn puts enormous pressure to ICE anything you want to keep in a remote. Coupled with cutlery and extreme archives pressure, any deck running assets or upgrades can find themselves very hard pressed for ICE coverage. Even in games where I never use whizzards ability, it is often still useful simply because of the pressure it applies to throwaway remotes.

Reina wants a more high-pressure start than this deck can provide, I think, but both Quetzal and Valencia could be solid choices for this deck in the right meta (I think Quetzal is too meta dependant and I don't think Valencia's admittedly powerful ability is worth the 50 deck size, but I recognize that both of these IDs could work well here.)