rumirumirumirumi 238

Why is it called CurryShop? Because it's spicy as hell.

Show of Force has done great things for Mushin PE, and with everyone worried about assets there's an opening for a deck that forces the deadly mind games. The one change I made was for Pre-emptive Action (-1 Ronin). I only used it once to bring back some advancables and an Archived, but that ended up giving me back the one trap I needed to win. I might cut it for another Voter Intimidation because of how strong A-aron is in the meta. I was worried that rotation would kill Cambridge altogether because Ronin is so key to winning, but I think Show of Force will fill in well.

Took it to 2 store championships, placing 3rd at one of them.

21 Feb 2017 kata124

How often did you use the Sealed Vault?

21 Feb 2017 yeoda

Niiiice all dat spice.

21 Feb 2017 rumirumirumirumi

@kata124 I rarely ever drew it and for the most part I was able to keep my econ up against the siphon decks I encountered. At this point it may be worth trying something different with that slot.

21 Feb 2017 Tomasaki

I myself almost died to this one. I couldn't handle the spice.

24 Feb 2017 Whitemage7

What did you use Salem's Hospitality for?

25 Feb 2017 rumirumirumirumi

Most games it clears IHW from hand to make way for the kill shot, but if you can guess a card from hand it can work like a neural. One game I was able to snipe 2 Siphons, and while I lost that game it kept that that from defusing my traps.