Green Cards Azmari - 12-person GNK Winner

Thike 1196

Mildly edited from a deck I found on here a while back. Went undefeated.


  • The main thing I wish I had found room for was 1x Junebug. Does so much work.
  • MCA is good with all the Kati/Aesops running around.
  • Current suite is odd, but feels good. I don't like running 3x TarMar, and I can Consulting Visit the Scarcity if I feel it'll be impactful enough.
  • Pop-up Window is the ice I feel worst about. But the cash is nice.
20 Jan 2019 moistloaf

Boom, i respect it

27 Jan 2019 Lexus2f

You've said you're unsure about the Pop-up Window. What would you replace it with? I don't have them, so I'm looking for alternatives.

28 Jan 2019 Thike

I changed one to an Eli 1.0 to use up my last influence. Was also considering Archangel and Jua.