Rude Deck Still Wins (5-0 2nd of 10 @ Mankato GNK)

Ajar 1624

I've been playing Rude Deck off and on since I first saw it posted. I really enjoy decks that force you to take risks, and Dedicating a City Works definitely requires courage.

I was originally on GFIs, but SDS immediately seemed worth testing. You lose to 2 fewer accesses on average (17 vs 19, stdev ~7), but SDS offers access-limiting tempo that may be able to compensate even outside of a true rigshooter deck.

With GFI freeing up my unicorn slot, I thought an Excalibur would be a cute include to get back up to 13 ice. It's obviously soft to Aumakua, but between Bulwark, Hortum, and SDS, there are still enough solutions.

I slotted one Ark Lockdown to help out-tempo Anarchs and close against Clot Shapers, but so far it has done almost nothing. I'll be cutting it for a second Archived Memories and keeping an eye out for how often I wish I had Lockdown back.

Wins over Nexus 419, Khusyuk Ken, Val, and Liza x2. The Liza decks were pretty much free wins, so 5-0 isn't all that impressive, but the deck is a ton of fun to play.