Apocalypse is good, actually. 2nd place Toronto Regional

mo0man 377

I was gonna write a big thing in this, but I figured if I delayed publishing this until after writing it I'd never publish. Might do a thing in the comments.

Dropped 1 game against Dien on the day. Played Apoc in all the other games, (in one game twice)

Anyway, thanks to all my opponents (Sandeep, Dien, Ryan, Steve, Matt and Luke).

Thanks for all the memories over the years.

My Corp Deck

28 Jul 2018 Manadog

Would you change anything post tournament? Maybe for the mining accident?

1 Aug 2018 mo0man

@Manadog Maybe I'd trade out the mining for another stimhack.

I also might trade out the second shadow net.

TBH on the day, the only draws I wasn't happy to see were the spare copies of the breakers, but they were necessary.