Apoc Val, aka 50 Hit Points Runner (1st at PaxU/Fake Nats)

osclate 687

I brought this cool deck that Polish National Champion Matuszczak published, but I only got to play it about half the time. The rest of the time it was 50 blank cards to use as hit points against Comrades Potatoes 2.0. But that's OK, both versions were fun, as long as you don't mind that you are playing "the floor is lava and your cards are hit points" instead of Android: Netrunner.

The deck won in Swiss vs NEH and Combo Asa and dropped a game vs CtM, but that was pilot error, not the deck's fault. In the cut it went 1-1 vs Comrades Potatoes. Those games are on stream but were probably more fun to play than to watch.

I only changed one card from this list: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/57496/fine-i-ll-slot-the-stargate-1st-polish-nationals. I took out the most fun card in the deck (Queen's Gambit) and replaced it with a second copy of the most boring card in the deck (Day Job). I think a second copy of Stargate might be more useful.

Thank you again to DanB for running this tournament and to Nisei for keeping Netrunner alive!

10 Dec 2019 aureates

Congrats on the win!!

12 Dec 2019 Matuszczak


15 Dec 2019 Gries

What do you use the Rebirth for? How do you deal with an Amped Up sniping Apocalypes out of your hand? What is the Amped Up even for?

16 Dec 2019 osclate

@Gries Rebirth is usually for Omar to make landing Apoc easier. The Amped Up is also for the Apoc turn, for when they use a Nisei token or a Border Control to end the run. Yeah, sometimes it hits the Apoc, but gotta go for it anyway, that's the Anarch way!

Also, Dan D. pointed out that I wouldn't have lost the game vs CtM if I had used the Amped Up in hand to clear the Liberated on the table, getting out of range of Sea Source/Closed Accounts. So there are value Amped Up plays sometimes, but they are harder to see. That's why he's the World Champ...