Yellow Hell (4-1 at Net Quarantine Tournament)

Longi 1663

Longi is putting a lot of people in hell with Azmari right now.

-Code Marvelous while streaming

yellow hell

Those knowing my play-style would testify that I have been playing rush corps almost exclusively. However, for this tournament I chose to try something different. The main reason being the feeling that my Argus won´t stand a chance against the 419 and Apoc Hoshiko builds that dominated NYC SC a week before this tournament. Shoutout to @groenkaaf and @skry for amazing decks.

As a weapon to fight those fast decks I chose semi-glacier Azmari. It offers a suite of cheap and effective ices. If you combine 16 of them with only six agendas you get a real chance to keep the bothersome Scarcity of Resources in game as long as possible and also cut off the runner run-based economy. To improve the chances against Apocalypse, DoF and Stargate I added two Crisium Grids to the mix. The Thimblerig helps with the obvious and I find the one influence spent on it really worth it. I also opted for NGO instead of Rashida to have something to drag the runner through the remote with.

The deck went 4:1 which was quite good. Unfortunatelly, my Apoc Val proved to be too slow against the fast corps and I ended up 18th out of 73. It was not that bad considering the fact that midnight playing took its toll.

Last but not least I would like to thank @CodeMarvelous for organizing that event. To handle 73 players online and to stream at the same time must have been real challenge. And he managed it masterfully.

5 Apr 2020 5N00P1

Nice deck @Longi, I'll give it a try and Crisium Grid can be nice against a lot of decks currently! Seen one of your gaims on stream against apoc I think.
But we played 6 rounds of Swiss on NQ!

5 Apr 2020 Longi

@5N00P1 Oh damn, you are right. I did not check the records. Then, I actually do not remember one of them at all :( Well, that´s the midnight gaming :D

6 Apr 2020 Boot

As the one runner that won against this decklist during Swiss, I feel like I should mention that I was able to emerge victorious only because because I was playing @Longi's incredible Apoc Val decklist from B-Com against him!

6 Apr 2020 Longi

@BootNot to mention that I also lost the other half of the mirror match when your Azmari burned my Val from B-COM. Oh, what a bitter pill to swallow :( But I got swept by the winner of swiss rounds so it was not so bitter after all:) Congrats on the result!

12 Apr 2020 enkoder

Just took down an SC with this deck going 5-0. Can confirm, this deck puts people in a loose loose situation.

12 Apr 2020 Longi

@enkoder Yeah, in some moments I really feel guiIty for playing it:) Congrats on nice result.

9 May 2020 Drago

@Longi took this for a spin a York SC; think it went 6-0. Seems good I guess ;) thanks for posting it!

10 May 2020 Longi

@Drago Cool, I am glad you liked it. You the one, who won the tournament? Congrats!