paulxthompson 234

I have questions!

Test Run -> Scavenge will work to get a Femme Fatale for free right?

Can I host an icebreaker on a Dinosaurus and then also host as many Personal Touches as I can find on top of that icebreaker?

Feedback always welcome.

4 Sep 2014 esutter479

Test Run + Scavenge = Femme for 3 credits...not free, but 67% discount ain't bad. :D

Yah, there's nothing that tells me you can't host as many PTs on a Dino'd Icebreaker.

Personally, I'd go down to 2 Dinos. In a 40 card deck, your odds are pretty darn good of pulling one semi-early in a game if/when you need it. You have Test Run if you need a breaker/Brush and it's also great for an extra shuffle (reset button). Go down to 2 of those, and add in 1 Dirty Laundry. The more credits you can make here, the better. Other than that, it don't look too bad, sir. :)

4 Sep 2014 paulxthompson

Cheers, I'm liking the Scavenge plan for repointing a Femme, and using Paint Brush to turn all the ice into...

Barriers to make use of the fact that Inti keeps its strength. Code gates to Yog.0 through them if it's strength is boosted a bit.

I've removed a Sneakdoor Beta as I think one is enough: it only works as a surprise once is my reckoning and doesn't need to be in early. Instead, i've got a Data Leak Reversal which can similarly surprise if I end up with a tag for a turn. Might as well do something with those.

I wonder if i'm light on armour?

5 Sep 2014 esutter479

I'd actually consider taking away the DLR and if you haven't already, one of the Dinos to add 2 Plascretes. Tbh, Shapers kinda have to have them...Criminals have Crash Space...Anarchs do a ton of milling, so they usually don't worry a hell of a lot about Scorched Earth and Punitives anyway.