Scoring Nisei Early Usually Means You Win (4-2 US Nationals

JuneCuervo 2593

I scored Nisei early in the games I won, and generally did not in the games I lost.

Fast Track to score faster Nisei.

Envelope to force a paperclip install, and prevent wheel farming (also costs 2 with clip!)

Susanoo is pretty expensive to break and good to rush out behind or put on R&D in a slower game.

Excalibur lets you cheat people out of stealing out of the remote.

Miraju was installed once and I almost lost because of it lol.

GFI because good players can always steal Obo if they want, so why play a real 5/3? The tempo rarely matters, and it forces you on loops/kakugo to try and "protect it" :( Just make them score one more, its better! :D

25 Jun 2018 igrekk

What about Bio Vault and Surveyor performance?

25 Jun 2018 CJFM

@igrekk @Joseki got me with Bio Vault. Bio Vault MVP. Surveyor is broken. Play both.

26 Jun 2018 nobo

"I like that nisei, I think it's gonna be a real game changer"

29 Jun 2018 Jonny

How did you feel palana did over mti here? Was the extra credit every other turn or so better than the clickless ice installs?

My gut says that you maybe get a little more value out of ice installs, with the benefit of making the runner fear dna tracker everywhere.

30 Jun 2018 Therebrae

With Quandary coming back in Thimblerig, is it worth playing over Enigma? Or is the -1 click worth it?