rashida? i barely know her (1st place socr8)

groenkaaf 1147

along with mti, rashida was restricted in socr8. i spent the entire tournament jealous of my opponents' corps - replete with surveyors here, rashidas there, and even a food or two. but i soldiered on with inadequate draw, (mostly) bad agendas, and no fast track.

3x core meant a full playset of niseis, though, and i didn't even consider a different corp. the big hole in the list was a good taxing code gate, so slot machine fit perfectly. i was originally all-in on etr effects and had embolus and 3x TPR to recur the border controls, but i think this list is much better. the bio vault never felt great, but neurostasis created a few scoring windows.

swiss was mostly about taxing out ika and laamb, so i was on envelope and no eula.

in the cut, i was more concerned about atman, so eula went in and himitsu-bako replaced envelope. sadaka still forces atman 3, which leaves inti to deal with himitsu - verytaxing. this left me with no inf for marilyn, so i slotted the melange. in a rush deck with no rashida or fast track, you want to be drawing almost every turn, so melange felt terrible, but i think the extra econ was necessary. it also baits runs in a way that marilyn never did, which allows you to keep building your remote on off turns.

anyway, socr9 starts when the first nisei set drops. join us!

18 Jan 2019 internet_potato

Excellent job and nice list! Cool to see how you balanced tech vs fundamentals and made some sharp adjustments for the finals.

19 Jan 2019 BlackCherries

It was a pleasure to lose to this deck in the Swiss rounds.

Can't wait till SOCR9!