Chris Dyer's Dream (Comrades CTM)

vinegarymink 419

This is mostly the same as TheBigBoy's comrades CTM that he took to 7th. The difference is that I don't have any Targeted Marketings and played the 3rd Data Raven and a Sea Source instead. We're both sure that our version is better but we don't care enough to debate about it.

This deck is both very good and extremely fun. A lot of the time you're scoring Global Food Initiatives behind Data Ravens by bluffing them as Quantum Predictive Models. You just want to make a Tollbooth Data Raven server and drag them through it a bunch.

17 Nov 2017 kollapse

Why didn't any of these decks run Closed Accounts? Seems like a great follow up to SEA.

20 Feb 2018 kevo31415

@kollapse People who float tags against this deck are likely broke already. Otherwise they could pay the HHN trace, or spend 8 to clear tags. Closed Accounts is a waste of a deck slot.