Just Another Apoc Val (3-1 & 3rd at London GNK)

swabl 337

It's Apoc Val, I don't think anything needs to be said about it at this point. 3rd Daily Casts should have been a 3rd Dirty Laundry maybe.

Went 3-1, beating Azmari, CtM and Titan, and losing against Asa Group.

The Asa Group deck won by FAing a Vitruvius for the win, which was heartbreaking as there was a turn where it was the only card in HQ, but I Omar'd R&D instead of HQ. Not necessarily the wrong decision, but just goes to show how close that game was.

Against Titan I got the delight of playing Amped Up with 2 other cards in hand, losing a Wanton Destruction and immediately just flipping over the other Wanton, laying waste to their hand that was absolutely full of their FA Operations. Had I not done that that turn they would have been able to ride the Atlas train to victory. Felt good and rude!

And Jo has a great little writeup of our game on their published CtM list, so go check that out!