Khan - 'Birdemic'

SammyBoy 13

...except replace the bird hitting the bonnet with a flying chameleon, and you pretty much get the picture. Also, don't do drugs, friend.

If you're wondering why this is so short, boy oh boy, let's begin.

Oh the agony.

Literally deleted an entire comedic writing masterpiece (that I'd spent 40 minutes on, no less) trying to get a dumb gif from a 'comedic film' masterpiece to come through, all for some comedic deck 'masterpiece' that I've spent far too much time of my short, simple life on.

God. And it's my birthday too. Literally. Well done me.

Right, so you came for comedy? Here we go.

Firstly there's Khan. Good lord.

Great art, great meme. Great one FFG!

Mad strats time. Throw birds and our mutual lizard friend around to your heart's content. To derez or not to derez? I dunno, ask the guide that I accidentally deleted. That was a good one. Hah!

Highlights (may) include:

  1. ???? God, I dunno. A lizard called Kevin.
  2. Winning a deck with Khan. I'm not saying it'll happen, but can you imagine? You won't see it coming, your opponent won't see it coming, and it will be Golden. Enjoy licking the sweet, salty tears of defeat from their cheeks. And in the end, isn't that what playing board games is all about? No, no, it's not.

In all seriousness. Khan often gets overlooked, for generally good reasons, but there's fun to be had here, and I've certainly had a good ride with this deck's development. So fly into that bonnet.

19 Jan 2023 SammyBoy

No idea how to get that gif to work, so not gonna risk deleting this again (for the 3 people who'll see it). Bleurgh.

21 May 2023 scantrell24

Love the deck! Thanks for sharing.