"Go Khusyuk yourself!" (2nd at Sheffield SC)

mcg 961

"Aw, Khusyuks, you shouldn't have"?
"Too many Khusyuks spoil the broth"?
How about "Go Khusyuk yourself"?

Thanks, Tom (and thanks, Tom?)

I wanted to play something new and different after being on either 419 or Val for a while. Khusyuk seems like a silly card. Hayley seems the obvious place to play it.

The game plan is not brain surgery. You have a lot of draw and money cards. You have a lot of things with an install cost of 1. You get set up and then Khusyuk yourself to victory in as few runs as possible. You have a Legwork in case the runner tries to hide agendas in HQ. You have a Falsified to try and sniff out agendas in the remote (which was probably MVP, other than Khusyuk). You have a PolOp to try and deal with upgrades on R&D. You have a Lucky Charm to avoid Border Control/Nisei stoppages (which conveniently also costs one).

It really struggles with decks that go fast (one loss was to The Outfit). It struggles against upgrades on R&D, even with PolOp. It can be tough against decks that don't run three pointers; PE would be a nightmare. But sometimes you just play yellow decks with real three pointers and all is well.

Thanks to my opponents for tolerating my two very memey decks. And thanks to Paul for TOing a great tournament. #thenorthremembers.